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Jon Bradshaw & Peter Harris

What is happening this week in venture capital? Join Peter Harris and Jon Bradshaw as they discover what's next.

Welcome to the Venture Capital Podcast!

Welcome to the Venture Capital podcast.

Each week Peter Harris and Jon Bradshaw will analyze what’s hot and happening in the land of VC.

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Episode Transcript

Jon: My name is John Bradshaw and this is the Venture Capital podcast, and I'm here with Peter Harris. And what is your background, Peter?
Peter: So I ran a venture fund called the University Girls Fund, where we teach students how to make and venture investments.
Jon: And the purpose is, is to teach you how to be a venture capitalist so that you can learn. How does a venture capitalist actually think?
Peter: Yeah, I mean, really, we're going to just look at different deals where we talk about them pros and cons. Hopefully I can bring a little bit of more of the investor mindset. John's going to bring a little more of the entrepreneur mindset and hopefully you have a great conversation and you learn something along the way.
Jon: So make sure you subscribe and join us on our journey.