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Introducing “Founder 100: Utah Edition” – The Top Utah Founders VCs Must Watch!

The “Founder 100: Utah Edition” (Venture Capital Podcast 100) celebrates the achievements of the top 100 founders in Utah, showcasing the Founders, CEOs, and CTOs with ties to Utah who are at the forefront of innovation and growth in our community.

Building on Paul Ahlstrom‘s visionary legacy, this initiative has consistently championed entrepreneurial brilliance through initiatives like the v100 and WIN100, highlighting the top founders and setting a benchmark for excellence.

Looking Beyond Utah: Expanding the Spotlight

After shining the spotlight on Utah, we’re thrilled to extend our event to other dynamic entrepreneurial centers, such as Atlanta, San Diego, Mumbai, and more!

In each city, we’ll unveil a “Top 100 Founders” list for that region, showcasing each area’s most groundbreaking and impactful entrepreneurs – the ones venture capitalists worldwide won’t want to miss.

Upcoming Founder 100 VIP Events of Local Founders and Regional VCs

– Utah: June
– San Diego: August
– Atlanta: October
– Mumbai: December

Mark Your Calendars: Exclusive VIP Event This June!

Join us this June for an exclusive gathering that brings together the Founder 100 honorees and Utah’s leading venture capitalists.

Nomination Process 

Tag your nominees in this post to cast your vote, and don’t hesitate to nominate someone who has already been nominated – each nomination strengthens their position.

After the public nomination phase, we’ll proceed with a private voting round among the nominees. An independent panel of judges will then review and select the winners.

Utah Nomination Deadline: May 15 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to acknowledge and support Utah’s entrepreneurs. Nominate now and play a role in propelling Utah’s innovation to new heights!

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Jon Bradshaw

As a dedicated entrepreneur and venture capitalist, he currently co-hosts a highly acclaimed Venture Capital podcast where Jon and Peter delve deep into the realms of startups, investments, and emerging technology trends. His innate ability to spot potential drives him to explore, discuss, and invest in groundbreaking ideas poised to revolutionize various industries.

In the tech sphere, he is best known as the co-founder of, a premier platform for outsourcing services. At Codebase, he has spearheaded innovative solutions that bridge the gap between businesses and top-tier tech talent worldwide, facilitating efficient scaling for companies. Fuelled by his fervor for technology, entrepreneurship, and strategic investment. Founder 100 is a testament to his commitment to fostering collaboration and recognition in the startup ecosystem.

Peter Harris

Peter is a founding partner with University Growth Fund and assists in the deal sourcing, due diligence, and portfolio management of the fund.

He also spends much of his time recruiting, training, and mentoring students in the program. Prior to UGF, Peter was a principal with University Venture Fund where he participated in funding several companies including Instructure (NYSE:INST), Lineagen and Workfront.

Peter has also worked as an international business consultant, helping launch over 10 microfranchises around the world. He has been a loan committee member for the IRC Refugee Loan Fund and frequent guest lecturer at several local universities.

He holds an honors double major in Economics and International Business from Brigham Young University. 

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